Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Oh, For Pete's Sake...

I'm stealing my newphew's new "catch phrase" for this blog title. Funny to hear it coming from a seven-year-old; it makes him sound much older than he really is. He said it a few times last weekend when I stomped him on the wii (Olympic Games, appropriately enough). I could have let him win the hammer throw, but a) I honestly have no control over how good I do and could just as easily have faulted on the throw as launched it the 84 yards I did and b) I don't think that would have done him any good.

Today I'm using it because I just happened to notice the date on my last blog entry.

I can't believe I've gone this long without making an entry! I feel terrible about it (no, I really do!). I'm pretty sure it has everything to do with the number of woodworking projects I've completed in the last three months - approximately zero. So I guess the answer to my blogging problem is to get back in the shop and make something!

I could do a blog entry on my latest house project, but it really had nothing to do with wood. And I don't imagine you would want to see step-by-step photos of me pulling the toilet in the hall bathroom to replace the wax ring, gasket, and mounting bolts and then reassembling it.

I do have some woodworking project ideas sitting on the back burner, and I really want to get started on them, so maybe I'll have something worth photographing and posting here in the near future.

If you'll take note at the bottom of my homepage, I've now added a playlist for the album "Currently Playing in the Shop". Nothing like a bit of Wake the Dead to motivate me into some creative woodworking!

(Good news, by the way... no leaks on the toilet fix!)

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Kari Hultman said...

Ethan, I replaced the bathroom toilet a few years ago. And you're right...not a pretty picture.

Hope you can get back in your shop soon. Nothing quite like the smell of fresh cut wood to get you motivated!