Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Getting Ready For Frank...

This weekend, I'll get to spend most of two days with one of my favorite master woodworkers - Frank Klausz.

I spent some time the past few evenings making sure all of the tools I'm bringing to class are tuned up and ready to work. This evening, following David Charlesworth's ruler-trick method of sharpening, using just a #1000 grit stone, a #8000 grit stone, an eclipse-style honing jig, and a thin metal ruler, I got my two block plane blades and my smoothing plane blade razor sharp.

I didn't even think to take any pictures of the process, but when I came up with an end-grain shaving from my low angle block plane, I thought I would photograph it for you. You can just make out some of the text in the middle of the shaving. Not too bad for end-grain.

Yeah, I think it's ready for Frank...

I'll spend some time each night the rest of this week warming up my sawing skills and making sure the rest of my tools are ready to go, as well.