Thursday, August 9, 2012

Frozen Peas vs. Popsicles

"Frozen peas."
(The way he says it, it sounds more like, "Frooo-zen peeeees.")

"You want some frozen peas?"


"Ok, I'll get you some frozen peas."

I pour some frozen peas into a bowl and give it to him.  Finley sits at his small table, eating frozen peas.  (They're not that bad; you should try them some time!)  After a bit, he stands up and walks over to the refrigerator.  He reaches up and tries to open the freezer, saying, "Popsicle!  Popsicle!"

"Well... you can have a popsicle when you're done with your frozen peas."

Finley stares at me a moment.  I can see gears turning in that little brain of his and I wonder what he's thinking.

Finally, he walks over to the small table, picks up his half-finished bowl of frozen peas, holds it out to me, and says, "Done!" with a big grin on his face.  

He raises his eyebrows and queries, "Popsicle?"


*le sigh*

Well played, little youngling.  Well played.

Note To Self:  Next time, I need to say, "As soon as you eat all of your frozen peas, you can have a popsicle."

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