Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Could Have Been Worse...

Over the Labor Day weekend, on our way to visit the in-laws in Ohio, we stopped at a friend's house in Columbus for lunch and a brief visit.  While there, Finley did his duty (doody?) like a courteous little boy (i.e. he didn't do it while we were doing 80 mph on the interstate).  We asked where we could change him.

"Oh, anywhere is fine.  You can change him there in the living room, if you want."

Having had our share of diaper changing challenges when traveling with the baby, my wife and I exchanged furtive glances of concern. But we eventually consented (mostly because we didn't have much choice). The living room had two possible surfaces - an upholstered
futon and a leather ottoman.  We chose the brown leather ottoman, for reasons that should be obvious to anyone who has changed a diaper with a very strong and willful baby.

He didn't flip and toss, but Finley promptly forgot his courtesies and peed everywhere during the 5 seconds he wasn't wearing a diaper.  Floor, ottoman, himself... me.


But, ultimately, it wasn't really a big deal and we quickly had it cleaned up.  We offered many apologies, which were graciously accepted. After lunch, we continued on our way.

The other day, we got an e-mail from that friend, making sure we had a good trip and inviting us back the next time we were driving through.  As an aside, she mentioned they now refer to that piece of furniture as "the pottoman".

I quickly replied, "Hey, at least you don't have a 'poopton'".


Anonymous said...

I don't get it.

Ethan said...

"the pottoman" was a reference to Finley going potty while on the ottoman, right?

"poopton" would be a reference to Finley going poop while on the Futon.