Saturday, April 3, 2010

Cruel And Unusual Punishment?

One would think seeing such a display in an in-box would bring tears to the eyes of the average woodworker. I mean... an e-mail from Konrad Sauer could very likely mean some type of infill smoothing plane is in the works, right? And who doesn't want to hear from Chris Schwarz on a lazy Friday morning? Or any morning of the week, for that matter.

Alas, the Konrad and Chris in the in-box displayed above are not the plane-making and woodworking gurus you might be thinking of. In this case, Konrad is the Team Lead of a report-writing division and Chris is a member of a technical support team at the software company that keeps food on my table. And I work with these two quite often in my capacity as a software support specialist.

But up until this last week, I hadn't seen their names so close together. To be honest, as I stared at my in-box, wasting a few minutes of my day thinking about what I'd rather be doing, I did find a tear in my eye...

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