Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My New Shop, Episode 6: Time to play in the mud

The past few days have seen a nice bit of progress made on the basement workshop. Sunday afternoon, I went downstairs, put on some Ladysmith Black Mambazo, and finished hanging some drywall inside the room that my little brother and I hadn't bothered with before. The pieces were all pretty small and I could easily handle them on my own.

After that, I cut open a bag of formaldehyde-free fiberglass insulation and started filling in voids in the highest spaces. There were several larger areas in the floor joists I wanted to make sure had as much sound-proofing as possible.

When that was done, I insulated the walls. It seemed to go faster than my last insulating session - maybe because I wasn't working over my head the entire time. One small part by the furnace slowed me down; I popped the nails on one side of a sheet of existing drywall, turned off the heat pump, removed some duct work (to the whole-house humidifier), pried it open as far as I could (there was more duct work in the way), and managed to wiggle some insulation between the studs. Then I closed it back up, re-attached the duct work, and continued with insulating the walls. I had to stop before I could hang any more drywall because it was getting late.

Yesterday evening found me back down in the basement, hanging drywall. Except for the part where I was trying to move sheets of drywall by myself, this went very smoothly. The full sheets were all up in the garage; I quickly determined I should measure first and cut them into the desired sizes prior to lugging them down the basement steps. This part took me about two hours or so.

I did not hang drywall on the framed wall past the furnace. I'd like to use that area for pegboard and organize my less-often used tools (clamps and jigs and the like). Taking advantage of other areas of the basement will mean less clutter in my limited shop space.

I suppose the title of this entry is a bit mis-leading. I'm not going to tape and mud the drywall myself - I know my own limitations and I'd rather get this done within the next year or two. So this afternoon, I'll start calling a few people recommended to me by friends to get some bids on taping and mudding the room.

That will take me into a nice little vacation starting tomorrow morning when Dana and I will drive up to Ohio to visit her family over the holiday weekend.


The Village Carpenter said...

Looking good, Ethan! Every part you do makes it look more and more like a workshop. Bet you're getting excited!

mdx3mom said...

I hope you have a wonderful vacation and tell moma Rosenberg hi for me!

Ethan said...

Kari - It is very exciting to see progress! Unfortunately, once I get to the point where I've painted the purple walls a nice plain sailcloth white, progress will slow down again.

I need to save up a bit for flooring (you wouldn't think it would cost that much to cover 300 sq ft...), a door (exterior, 15-lite, outward swing - custom doors are pricey!), and cabinets for the back wall.

Actually, I might get a chance to start on the cabinets sooner rather than later. My neighbor down the street has a full show and has been making cabinets for 30 years. I want to see if he'll help me get that going...

MD - Thanks! We both need some time off, that's for certain. And I will tell my mother-in-law you said 'hi'.