Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Slight Shop Update Delay...

My younger brother and I did get most of the drywall hung on Saturday. In the process of doing so, however, we had to remove all light sources but the can lights. As a result, I was unable to take proper pictures of the room. So I need to hang some lights or figure out a lighting source before I can photograph the progress.

Yesterday afternoon, my wife flew to Colorado for work. She knew she was only going to be busy part of the time, so she took the camera with her in case they got to do some site seeing.

Now, even if I get the shop re-lit and swept up, I can't take pictures.

So there will be a slight hiccup of a few days to my shop update blog entry.

Not a bad thing, really, as it gives me time to finish hanging a small piece of drywall on the ceiling, add a few more drywall screws where necessary, insulate my new wall, hang drywall on the outside of it, sweep up the floor a little better, and then come up with a catchy blog title for the next entry!

On a side note, I noticed today that I've made the Woodworking Magazine Blog Roll!

As long as I have a purple shop, I might as well be giddy...


The Village Carpenter said...

Ethan, here's an opportunity to go buy a super nice camera that can take great photos, even with poor lighting. Get a nice tripod while you're at it. ; )

Congratulations on making THE list!!!!

Ethan said...


Thanks! It is a silly thing, but such a great feeling!

I actually do have a nice tripod and, for a somewhat less complex camera, I think Dana's isn't that bad.

Lazy Point #1: I don't ever take the time to get the tripod out.

But all of my incidental money is going into the shop, and I JUST had my birthday, so I don't think the funds are there (or will be there in the near future).

Now... I haven't yet had a chance to write a blog or two about the new toys I got for my birthday... look for that in the near future - probably after I'm in a slow-point in the shop building process.

I also have an egg beater drill I've been refurbing I wanted to blog about and then write a review on my drill/driver I've been using during construction because it is so awesome.

As far as lighting goes...

Lazy Point #2: I just need to use portable lights when photographing for the time being.