Friday, April 3, 2009

Disston in Training...

Last night my Disston backsaw came home after a long hard week in Bad Axe Boot Camp. At first, I was skeptical this method of therapy would work, but I quickly realized he was a changed saw! Sharp as a tack (more like 104 of them), amped up and ready to get back to work in the shop, he practically jumped out of the box.

Before his "vacation", it was hard to get him up and working. His teeth were so dull he couldn't bite into a Twinkie! And when I finally did get his lazy butt into a kerf, he zigged and zagged all over the place like an AK on full auto.

Now, after his TechnoPrimitive Tune-Up, when I say, "saw," he says, "how fast?" He jumps into that kerf like it's a fox hole and rips perfectly straight lines through wood fiber and lignin as if it were punked!

Thanks, Mark, for getting my back saw back into tip top shape and making it all it can be!


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